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Deploy Your TV Wall Signage Campaigns Using CE labs Digital Signage Components
TV video wall requests for scalable digital signage applications has been on the rise. TV walls are a powerful platform for promoting brands and presenting innovative messaging. CE labs TV wall signage systems are unique and cost-effective in that we bring over 25 years of pro A/V systems knowledge and know-how. We have successfully designed and engineered some of the largest TV Wall campaigns in the world. Our dedication to out clients’ objectives shows in our work and we continue to be a bastion for national, regional and single location deployment. Several aspects of implementing TV wall signage need to be assessed in order to deliver a successful TV wall signage system. An overview of our approach is summed up below and if you wish to see some examples of successful TV wall signage systems check it out here.
1. Define the goals and needs for your TV wall
  • What do you wish to convey or sell on your TV wall?
  • How many displays will you be using?
  • How many locations will your playlist be deployed to?
2. Select your hardware components – A/V video distribution and digital media appliances.
CE labs offers proven digital media appliances to push your high definition content over your network or simple plug and play devices. The MP500 and MP700 are usually the chosen digital signage players for TV wall signage applications due to their rugged chassis and smooth integration into complex networks. Your HD signal can be distributed with CE labs’ HDMI amplifiers to several displays without having to bring in additional digital signage players. This obviously saves you cost and standardizes your signal for the highest quality output.
3. Content – Define it. Manage it. Streamline it.
Facilitating and managing your content can be one of the biggest challenges that businesses face when deploying a TV wall signage system. CE labs understands this and offers an enterprise content management software that is very simple to use yet has the level of sophistication to fulfill the demands of large-scale networks. Schedule playtimes, assign playlists to specific regions and playback record-keeping of your content can be easily done through CE labs CCM Enterprise software. For more information on CE labs TV Wall signage schedule a consultation.

Components Involved:

Digital Signage Series 7 – MP700

Series 7 – MP700

Developed and built specifically for digital signage applications, the MP700 focuses on exceeding the demands of low-cost, high performance standards in mid-to-large scale digital signage systems.

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Digital Signage Enterprise Content Management

Content Management

Custom Content Management (CCM) Enterprise software provides a convenient method for control, status and media distribution to a large number of HD network players from a single centralized web application over a LAN or WAN.

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HA8-4 HDMI Amplifier

HA8-4 HDMI Amplifier

The HA8-4 1 x 8 HDMI amplifier, supporting 3D over HDMI, delivers advanced features such as: 1080p Deep Color, HD lossless audio and x.v.Color expanded color gamut, to high-definition A/V Receivers.

View HA8–4