POP Displays For Retail Environments

POP Display Solution FG For decades static displays have cluttered the retail environment. Forcing businesses to use signage that’s outdated by the time it arrives at its designated location. The problem with static signage is no mystery: once it’s printed and posted it cannot be edited. This leaves no room for error. Introducing dynamic point of purchase digital signage.

CE labs has a highly developed network-ready all in one digital media player called the AiO710. This 10” touchscreen with 1080p video output says bye-bye static displays, hello customer (literally). The AiO710 becomes a powerful all in one point of purchase machine when connected to a live network and utilizing the included CE labs Quick Sign Pro Content Management software.

An ideal combination for a high traffic retail environment would be the AiO710 and our MP700 media player. This combination allows for both an interactive and controlled solution for point of purchase projects. Depending on the size of a project the amount of players needed may change. We’ve got this covered by offering audio video distribution equipment that can handle small or large scale point of purchase displays.

Components Involved:

Digital Signage Series 7 – MP700

Series 7 – MP700

Developed and built specifically for digital signage applications, the MP700 focuses on exceeding the demands of low-cost, high performance standards in mid-to-large scale digital signage systems.

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Digital Signage Series 7 – AiO710

Series 7 – AiO710

The AiO710 provides interaction with digital signage displays through a 10″ touchscreen interface giving the power and control to users through the use of their fingertips.

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Digital Signage QuickSign Pro Designer

QuickSign Pro Designer

Needing to control and design your content? QuickSign Pro Designer allows you to create playlists, manage your schedules and even lets you setup and design your content in pre-installed layouts for multi-layering zones.

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