Knowledge Stations For Museum Messaging

Museum Knowledge Stations   Museum Knowledge Stations have a wide variety of opportunities. They help manage exhibit content remotely, welcome and direct guests, display daily events and all the museums information.

Components Involved:

Digital Signage Series 5 - MP500


The MP500 is an ultra high definition digital media player with multi-layering web browser features, true high definition 1080p playback at extremely high bit rates, and optional GPIO push buttons.

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Digital Signage - MP60


The MP60 is a stand-alone 1080p high definition digital media players that offers an easy and cost-effective advertising solution. Allowing the user to play an array of 1080p video and audio content.

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Digital Signage Enterprise Content Management

Content Management

Custom Content Management (CCM) Enterprise software provides a convenient method for control, status and media distribution to a large number of HD network players from a single centralized web application over a LAN or WAN.

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