Push-button Displays For Entertainment Environments

Push-button Display Solution FG The application of Push-button displays, in an entertainment environment, engage consumers in an interactive experience. Providing connectivity, entertainment and productivity in high resolution. With multi-layering capabilities, it can help advertising, create brand awareness and drive the consumer to want to know more.

Components Involved:

Digital Signage Series 5 - MP500


The MP500 is an ultra high definition digital media player with multi-layering web browser features, true high definition 1080p playback at extremely high bit rates, and optional GPIO push buttons.

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Digital Signage - MP75


The MP75 is a stand-alone cost-effective advertising solution that allows the users to play an array of 1080p digital signage content through GPIO push-button functionality.

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Digital Signage QuickSign Pro Designer

QuickSign Pro Designer

Needing to control and design your content? QuickSign Pro Designer allows you to create playlists, manage your schedules and even lets you setup and design your content in pre-installed layouts for multi-layering zones.

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