Emergency Alert Signage For Educational Environments

Emergency Alert Solution FG The application of Digital Signage Systems are being integrated into more and more public spaces each year. School districts and higher education campuses want to provide their students with the highest form of safety possible in the event of an emergency. Emergency alerts in educational environments are a powerful and effective way to display current information, immediately. Not only can the alert display information on the emergency, but it can also display the recommended course of action.

Components Involved:

Digital Signage Series 7 – MP700

Series 7 – MP700

Developed and built specifically for digital signage applications, the MP700 focuses on exceeding the demands of low-cost, high performance standards in mid-to-large scale digital signage systems.

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Digital Signage QuickSign Pro Designer

QuickSign Pro Designer

Needing to control and design your content? QuickSign Pro Designer allows you to create playlists, manage your schedules and even lets you setup and design your content in pre-installed layouts for multi-layering zones.

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HA8-4 HDMI Amplifier

HA8-4 HDMI Amplifier

The HA8-4 1 x 8 HDMI amplifier, supporting 3D over HDMI, delivers advanced features such as: 1080p Deep Color, HD lossless audio and x.v.Color expanded color gamut, to high-definition A/V Receivers.

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