Entryway Signage For Corporate Messaging

Corporate Digital Signage   The application of Digital Signage in public and semi-private office spaces is not a new concept.  However, video wall and outdoor LED matrix displays have become a popular way for corporation to brand both interior and exterior spaces. In the past these indoor video walls and outdoor matrix displays have been expensive to build and difficult to manage.

Components Involved:

Digital Signage Series 7 – MP700

Series 7 – MP700

Developed and built specifically for digital signage applications, the MP700 focuses on exceeding the demands of low-cost, high performance standards in mid-to-large scale digital signage systems.

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Digital Signage Enterprise Content Management

Content Management

Custom Content Management (CCM) Enterprise software provides a convenient method for control, status and media distribution to a large number of HD network players from a single centralized web application over a LAN or WAN.

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DVP19 TV Wall Processor

DVP19 TV Wall Processor

Powerful, cost effective, and fully real-time data/video processor for 9 flat-panel displays or projectors.

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