TV Wall Digital Signage – Fitness Connection

With 25 locations throughout Texas, Nevada and North Carolina, Fitness Connection is one of the top 25 largest health club chains in the United States.

In mid-2012 CE labs® was approached with the opportunity to develop a TV Wall digital signage solution for Fitness Connection’s location in Allen, Texas. They were looking for five 9–screen TV Walls with the ability to run cable TV, entertainment and advertising content through an integrated digital signage player and TV Wall Digital Signage Processor.

CE labs® set out to work with one of their distributors to design and assist in the installation of the TV Wall digital signage solution in order to meet Fitness Connections needs. The objective was for CE labs digital signage players be able to switch from cable television to advertising content on the five 9–screen TV Walls and hanging screens throughout the Fitness Connection facility.

CE labs® developed a customized solution with the use of their hardware that powers the five 9–screen TV Walls, and switching of content. HX1K-3 HDMI Extender, MP700 Network Signage Player, and DVP19 TV Wall Digital Signage Processor successfully delivered Fitness Connection a TV Wall digital signage solution.

Fitness Connection Services Used: