Retail TV Wall Programming – Costco Canada

Objective: Launch a reliable retail TV Wall programming digital signage solution that could be updated on a weekly basis and provide custom created retail and entertainment content, along with advertisements from Costco Canada’s vendors. While at the same time, brand their products and services.

Strategy: Utilizing CE labs’ extensive understanding of retail marketing and TV distribution, we set out to develop a feature-rich solution specific to Costco Canada’s needs. It was our goal to integrate not only our traditional hardware components, but also showcase our ability to acquire, create and effectively manage premium retail content.

Results: CE labs’ hardware, custom software and exclusive retail TV Wall programming digital signage content now powers 88 of Costco’s locations across Canada. From our digital signage players and HDMI distribution amplifiers, to our premium custom created content, the CE labs solution for Costco Canada has proven to be reliable and cost effective for over 4 years now.

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