Chuck E. Cheese’s – All-in-One Digital Signage

Headquartered in Irving, Chuck E. Cheese’s is a leader in family dining and entertainment, dedicated to constantly improving and expanding their business every year. The Chuck E. Cheese chain has more than 500 locations throughout the US and Canada, and currently 12 locations between South America, Central America and the Middle East.

CE labs® was given the opportunity to enhance the continuously growing company by developing an All-in-One controller, powered by our digital signage players and custom created interface. The perfect ideal solution for high volume traffic digital signage environments.

Our MP500 Network-ready digital signage player, SW404HD component matrix switcher and AiO710 All-in-One digital signage player work together to successfully deploy high definition images, sound and an interactive touchscreen interface; giving the power and control to Chuck E. Cheese’s through the use of their fingertips.

Currently, CE labs® digital signage players are powering 55 Chuck E. Cheese’s located in Texas. However, in the near future, our digital signage players and All-in-One digital signage solutions will be powering 100% of the chains locations.