• AiO710 All-in-One Digital Signage Player
  • AiO710 All-in-One Digital Signage Player
  • AiO710 All-in-One Digital Signage Player
  • AiO710 All-in-One Digital Signage Player

All-in-One Digital Signage Player: AiO710

The AiO710 is an all-in-one digital signage player that provides interaction with digital signage displays through a 10″ touchscreen interface giving the power and control to users through the use of their fingertips. With a rugged first generation iPad® quality touchscreen, the AiO710 provides the ideal solution for high volume traffic digital signage environments. RS232 and IR input/output control along with an open API for unique applications enable expanded interactive options for creative digital signage systems.

Used in tandem with CE labs’ free content layout toolset – QuickSign Pro v.700, you may deploy custom interfaces that deliver your branded message accurately and consistently.
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  • Feature Icons

    • 10" touchscreen at 1024x768 resolution with 1080p video output
    • Supports enhanced bitrates for better than Blu-ray video playback
    • Integrated Webkit browser with proprietary video plugin for dynamic, easily programmable screen layouts using HTML
    • API for writing unique applications that are executed on the MP700 for special display control applications
    • Operating system built on the power and security of Linux
    • IR control with keyboard/mouse support
    • Dual display and touchscreen capability
    • Internal speakers, gigabit ethernet port and vesa mount included
    • QAM/ATSC Tuner input (optional)
    • USB WiFi Dongle (optional)
    • USB Video Input Dongle (optional)
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