• AiO21.5HD All-in-One Digital Signage Player
  • AiO21.5hd All-in-One Digital Signage Player

All-in-One Digital Signage Player: AiO21.5HD

The AiO21.5HD provides interaction with digital signage displays through a 21.5″ super slim design LED interface, with tempered glass and built-in VESA mount for easy integration and plug n’ play applications.

Used in tandem with CE labs’ free content layout toolset – QuickSign Pro Designer, you may deploy custom interfaces that deliver your branded message accurately and consistently.
    • Plays full 1080p content
    • Auto-play starts playing scheduled contents
    • Auto content update by USB with security code protection
    • Real-time clock (built-in RTC battery & circuit) keeps time for up to 1 year unplugged, daily timer function for auto power on/off
    • HDMI-in
    • 1920 x 1080p video decoding
    • Built-in media player
    • Built-in stereo speakers
    • Built-in 75 x 75mm standard VESA mount
    • Play JPEG digital photos, MP3 Music and movies
    • Cartier ring stand
    • Card protector
    • Unique style and texture
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