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Content Management Software Toolset (LAN) – QuickSign Pro Designer

Fast, Simple and Free!

QuickSign Pro Designer is a FREE, fast and simple content management software tool that allows you to quickly layout, deploy and manage your digital signage content. QuickSign Pro Designer provides the ability to organize videos, playlists, images, channels (ATSC or stream) and layouts to be used by the player on local networks. Use the many available pre-packaged layout templates or create your own custom layouts for specialized zones.

Lightweight Zoning Toolset

Assign zones with distinct functionalities such as RSS feeds or slide shows in order to give your digital signage messaging a unique look. A very lightweight content management software, QuickSign Pro Designer is very easy to learn and integrate into your internal production and marketing teams.

Pro tip:

QuickSign Pro Designer can be used to design touchscreen user interfaces that would easily work with the AiO710

A Powerful HTML5 Layout Tool for Digital Menu Boards and Signs

Digital menu boards and signs need to be easily updated while delivering an aesthetically pleasing message to viewers. CE labs has developed a powerful toolset that allows users to easily layout a menu board, both in landscape and portrait mode, through the use of QuickSign Pro Designer – FREE!

The challenges that come with creating classy and sophisticated digital menu boards are now no longer with CE labs’ QuickSign Pro Designer; an easy yet powerful layout toolset that gives you complete control of your messaging and how it is displayed.

10 built-in features allow you to assign functions to zones without any HTML coding or development. Simply drag and drop your desired zone into your 1920×1080 composition and adjust your settings within the fields for a custom digital menu board.

QuickSign Pro Designer in Action

Click on the layout images to view live demo of Designer!

Built In Features:

Click on the featured zones images, in the bottom left corner, to view samples!

Video Zone – Capable of playing enhanced 1920×1080 videos or any custom resolutions

Image Zone – Promote specials and combos with your detail-rich JPEGS or PNGs

Text Zone – Assign your own custom text for pricing

RSS Feed – Embed RSS feeds into your menu from any RSS feed source

Slide Show – Showcase a dazzling display of your products with a custom-timed slide show

Text Ticker – Deliver custom text driven messages through the text ticker function

Label Transparency (Transparent Text over Video Zone) – Stack or place pricing over videos, images and other zones for easy labeling or give your signage a unique visual look

Table Zone – Create editable fields and columns that communicate times and schedules

Clock – Show people the time just in case they don’t have a watch or a mobile phone

Current Weather (US Only) – Show the current weather using visually stimulating icons

3-Day Weather Forecast (US Only) – Display a 3-Day weather forecast through vertical and horizontal Layouts

Text Scroller – Deliver your text-driven messages via scrolling animation at the top or bottom of your messaging

HTML Zone – Apply your own custom functionality with the use of HTML5 coding

Font Importer – Import any font you wish to apply to use in order to give your layout a custom-branded look

Added Bonuses

  • Easily switch between landscape and portrait layouts for a truly unique custom look
  • Import your own custom HTML coded layout into QS Pro Designer
  • Export your QS Pro HTML 5 layout
  • QS Pro Designer is absolutely FREE!