Pizzeria Digital Menu Package

  • Menu Board Layouts Package
  • Menu Board Layouts Package
  • Menu Board Layouts Package
  • Menu Board Layouts Package
  • Menu Board Layouts Package

Make a saucy statement to your customers with this professionally designed Pizzeria Digital Menu Package, containing a collection of six HTML5 digital menu boards. Showcase your specialty dishes using the large beautiful pre-set image slideshows and text fields with custom fonts wrapped in a decorative Italian country-side motif. Each template in this package is fully compatible and easily edited using QuickSign Pro Designer. As a bonus, this Pizzeria Digital Menu Package is also equipped with three styled menus, that have been tossed in sauce!


What’s Included:

  • Six Pizzeria Digital Menus – Three menus + Three Saucy BONUS menus
  • Custom font filesGotham
  • Image Zones Promote your company by easily dropping your detail-rich JPGs and PNGs within the already placed Image Zones.
  • Table Zone The Table Zone has editable fields and columns that communicate the menu items, descriptions and prices – Saving you time and printing costs!
  • Slideshow Zone The SlideShow Zone showcases a dazzling display of your products with a custom-timed slideshow.
  • Text Ticker Zone Deliver custom-timed text driven messages
  • All source images
  • Compatible with CE labs®: MP70MP700QuickSign Pro Designer



The Pizzeria Digital Menu also comes with THREE bonus styled menus, tossed in sauce! page_break
Click on the images below to view the built-in bonus featured zones!

Pizzeria Digital Menu - Decorative Text Zone    Pizzeria Digital Menu - Image Zone    Pizzeria Digital Menu - SlideShow Zone    Pizzeria Digital Menu - Table Zone    Pizzeria Digital Menu - Text Zone    Pizzeria Digital Menu - Text Ticker Zone

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