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How to build HTML5 Academic Layout


School districts and higher education campuses want to provide their students and staff with relevant information and the highest form of safety possible, in the event of an emergency. Community Information signage can be pushed to multiple locations within any community for: schedules, news, emergencies, messages, lectures, meetings, conferences and classrooms. Creating a larger, safer and more innovative spectrum for learning.

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How to build HTML5 Restaurant Menu Layout

Restaurant Menu

Digital Menu Boards provide powerful images, animations and video to present a restaurants product to their costumers. It’s an easy, affordable and influential method for food service business owners and managers to maximize their company branding and communication. Many restaurants use printed menus or printed menu panels, which not only drain finances, but adding new items to the menu results in expensive printing fees.

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How to build HTML5 Corporate Announcements Layout

Corporate Announcements

Corporations are using digital signage to communicate with immediacy and impact with employees and business partners. Establish your brand with a display that is guaranteed to turn heads and enlighten guests on the products and/or services that are offered by your company. Or, provide them with unique wayfinding tools to quickly and easily navigate through your office.

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network-ready digital signage players {economy class}

The MP70 is a simple, yet powerful, network digital signage appliance that provides the flexibility and reach needed for intricate digital signage systems, while keeping cost minimal. The MP70 is an essential component for digital signage systems needing network capability without having all the bells and whistles unnecessarily added onto appliances in this class.

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network-ready digital signage players Series 7

Developed and built specifically for digital signage applications, the MP700 focuses on exceeding the demands of low-cost, high performance standards in mid-to-large scale digital signage systems. Completely network enabled for updates over any network and an open API for writing unique applications for special control display functions, the MP700 is an essential scalable piece for any digital signage campaign.

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