Content Management Software

– Using QuickSign Pro Designer –

The QuickSign Pro Designer content management software interface provides both advanced and beginner users a way to quickly deploy create and manage players within the Series 7 media player lineup and the playlists associated to those players. The CE labs Series 7 media player lineup currently consists of the MP700, MP70 and AiO710. QuickSign Pro Layers content management software provides the ability to organize videos, playlists, images, channels (ATSC or stream) and HTML layouts to be used by CE labs digital signage players.

1. Establishing & controlling the players

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––– Media players that are to be controlled by QuickSign Pro Designer should be setup on the same local network as the PC that is running QuickSign.
      The media player will automatically obtain an IP address when DHCP is enabled and will be found when QuickSign is started.

               PRO TIP: If your network does not support DHCP and would like to operate media players using QuickSign, you can do this by setting a
                   “static IP” address in each of the media players and on the computer from which QuickSign is running.

––– In order to monitor the status of your players, the left side of the Players Page contains a player tree. The player tree consists of all the players
      on the local network. A green TV indicates that the player is playing video and operating properly.

––– The Player Control tab on the Player Page allows QuickSign to download video files and a playlist to the highlighted player by selecting the
      Load/Play button. Optionally, a layout can be specified for the player.

2. Assigning playlists & layouts.

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––– Playlists are created using the New Playlist button. The Playlist Page displays playlists that have been created. Playlists can consist of videos,
      images, music and channels. A playlist can be scheduled to be played at a specific time or times for all players or an individual player.

               PRO TIP: Before playlists can be created, media items such as video files and images must be added to QuickSign.

––– You can load layouts to your players as well. On the Layouts Page, there are layout templates preloaded in the QuickSign software to choose from.
      A unique feature in QuickSign is the option to Design or Import your own layout.

               PRO TIP: A layout essentially separates the screen into zones. One zone is usually a video, while the other zones
                    may be text, images, slide shows, RSS feeds, and other items.

3. Deployment; uploading & downloading.

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––– The Video Page shows a table of videos available to be uploaded to the player. Videos are added to the table by clicking the Add Files button.

––– The Image Page shows a table of images available to be uploaded to the player and utilized in playlists or layouts.

––– The Channels Page shows a table of channels available to be utilized in playlists. Channels can be a RTP stream or an ATSC tuner channel.

––– The Music Page shows a table of MP3 files available to be uploaded to the player.

––– The average time for download to an individual player is typically 15 minutes to 1 hour per Gigabyte, depending on Internet speed.